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Our connectors integrate with your CMS system and allow you to select content for translation, filter batches on certain conditions, then send them all for localization with a few key strokes.  Learn more >

Translation Connectors

Clay Tablet technology is an end-to-end solution that manages the flow of content from your CMS to your translation partners and back again with consistency, reliability, and efficiency.  Learn more >

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We’ll help you and your agency demonstrate the advantages of Clay Tablet to win deals and satisfy clients.  Learn More >

Connecting your CMS to any translation provider

Clay Tablet is committed to helping you meet whatever translation challenge you face through implementation, and an anything-is-possible attitude.


What can we do for you?

We’ll show you how to automate the transfer of information from your content management system to your translation provider and back again

When you stop cutting and pasting, you start to appreciate the enormous opportunities created by Clay Tablet.

Greater productivity – send as much content as you want to, in as many languages as you need.

Faster results – a Clay Tablet connector can turn around a job faster than you can cut and paste it.

Greater competitive advantage – speed lets you publish content to market and meet deadlines simply not possible using the old, manual processes.

Meet our satisfied, worldwide clients

  • SAP
  • Honda
  • Nikon
  • Amway
  • Herman Miller

Clay Tablet takes Sitecore, and our clients, global.

"Clay Tablet’s industry leading translation connector enables our worldwide clients to take the power of Sitecore to a global audience."

Darren Guarnaccia
Chief Strategy Officer

We are enthusiastic about our technology partnership with Clay Tablet.

Our philosophies are similar and our technologies are highly complementary... together we provide a very compelling and complete solution for clients with the need to manage and produce multilingual content.

Dan Dube
Managing Director, US Operations

Clay Tablet does an amazing job of facilitating the transfer of updated content to translators.

The automation and integration provided by the Clay Tablet system really expedited the process of updating and populating the French portion of our new web site.

Genevieve Lambert
Marketing Manager
GS1 Canada

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