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In 2005, we set out to eliminate the need for you or your staff to waste valuable time cutting and pasting content from one place so you can send it another.

In cooperation with the largest CMS providers, we invented the first wave of automation technology and helped our clients significantly lower their labor costs and generate productivity levels that were previously unimaginable.

How did we do it?

Step 1. Create software that replaces manual cutting and pasting.

Our technology plugs into your current CMS or TMS and allows you to send and retrieve unlimited quantities of content, in multiple languages, with the click of a button.

Step 2. Create a platform dedicated to the sharing of data between both ends.

Our platform was designed for the sole purpose of making sure that your content flows to and from your translation providers with no interference. We use advanced technologies to ensure secure, reliable content delivery instantly.

Step 3. Collaborate with the world’s leading CMS vendors, LSPs and Enterprises to continuously polish and perfect our solution.

Why you'll love the Clay Tablet advantage

Protection from the future

Our technology is designed to accommodate your evolving technology needs. If you migrate to a new CMS, or simply upgrade to the latest version of your current one, our connectors will move with you. We’ll install a new version, assist with set up, and ensure that your experience no interruption in translation.


Clay Tablet technology is already the preferred software solution for more than 100 enterprise clients and has been used worldwide longer than any other localization integration solution. You’ll find our connectors at work in the most high-volume environments in operation today.

Leading-edge productivity – unparalleled future-proof support

As the market leader and most widely adopted provider of translation connectivity software, we enjoy unique relationships with CMS developers. Clay Tablet receives advanced versions of upgrades in order to offer you priority access to the latest enhancements.


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