CMS Connectors

We connect people to productivity

At the heart of our technology is a commitment to enhance the lives of content editors, localization managers and the IT professionals who support them every day.

Working with mid-size and enterprise clients worldwide, we identified the features that matter most to the people who manage high-volume, time-sensitive localization.

Then, we set out to revolutionize how you operate and compete in a hyper-fast environment with greater efficiency and less risk.

  • Users Said "Make it easy"

  • We Listened

    Our connectors integrate with your CMS system and allow you to select hundreds or even thousands of pages of content for translation, filter batches on certain conditions, then send them all for localization with a few key strokes.

  • Managers told us "Make it trackable"

  • We heard you.

    Extensive dashboards appear right in your CMS system. That means you can track the status of any translation request, in any language, 24/7, all without logging out of your CMS.

  • The money folks said "It has to save money"

  • We completely agreed

    When you stop cutting and pasting content, you immediately begin saving time and money.But when you take advantage of our permission-based queuing, you eliminate the high cost of sending the wrong content.

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