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Take your Oracle WebCenter sites to the world

The time and money-saving benefits of Clay Tablet connectors now take your Oracle WebCenter sites to a global audience.

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    Take the Guesswork out of translation process by tracking every job in real time.

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    Instantly export and re-import any and all content from Oracle WebCenter for localization by any translation provider, or technology.

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    Reduce the high cost of human error.

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    Reduce translation turn-around times by at least 60%.

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    Manage your site in one language, and all other languages stay current.

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    Get your content to your global market faster, at lower cost and with much less effort.

Clay Tablet on the Job—a Real-Life Example

You add a new page to your website. Then, you simply click the “translate” button within the WCM UI. Next, select all of your desired target languages and the content is automatically sent to the localization service provider and the language versions are instantly created in WCM, ready for the translated content to return.

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Advanced features such as Bulk Export, Custom Component Mapping and Queue Management give you precise control over the complex export and re-import process.


By choosing a solution built to work with your existing CMS, you’re providing a familiar interface that will be welcomed and easily understood by everyone. That leads to rapid adaption, virtually no training costs and instant improvements in productivity

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